Danish Model United Nations (DanMUN) is a non-governmental organization, staffed entirely by volunteers. DanMUN was founded in 2005 around the desire to increase awareness and create a basis for knowledge-sharing around a singular, uniting topic: the United Nations.
Our mission is to create a forum where students, from various academic disciplines and backgrounds, can meet and discuss geopolitical issues, and work towards developing key skills, increasing knowledge and creating greater awareness of international security and foreign policy issues.
To reach our goals, DanMUN involves itself in different projects, such as World’s Best News and Culture Night, however our main activities are the DanMUN Conference and the DanMUN Society.
The DanMUN International Student Conference: A week long, annual student conference in October simulating the United Nations Security Council. DanMUN brings together approximately 60 students and faculty members from universities around the world.
The DanMUN Society: An MUN club open for everyone with an interest in MUN, politics, debating and much more! The society meets regularly and hosts mini-MUNs, workshops, lecture, etc. Plus, they get the opportunity to travel to MUNs abroad and represent DanMUN.
Today, DanMUN has two member organizations, University of Copenhagen Model United Nations (UCPHMUN) and Copenhagen Business School Model United Nation!


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