2017 Conference

Conflict over the Arctic

In August 2007, Russian parliamentary deputy and Arctic explorer Artur Chilingarov placed a Russian flag close to the North Pole, declaring that “the Arctic is ours and we should manifest our presence.” Other Arctic states, such as Canada and Denmark, soon followed suit by announcing they would explore extending their States’ sovereignty. In the light of these developments and increased mobility and economic potential within the Arctic resulting from global warming, fears of a scramble for the Arctic with escalating territorial disputes grew not only in the media but also in sections of academia.

Are you interested in what is going to happen in the Arctic conflict? Do you want to explore what it is like to be an international diplomat?

Join this year’s DanMUN conference as a UN Security Council member! The conference takes place on 16-20 October!


Participation fee: 500 DKK

Deadline for applications: September 15, 2017. Start your application HERE!