DanMUN Conference 2017


Conflict over the Arctic and DanMUN 2017

In August 2007, Russian parliamentary deputy and Arctic explorer Artur Chilingarov placed a Russian flag close to the North Pole, declaring that “the Arctic is ours and we should manifest our presence.” Other Arctic states, such as Canada and Denmark, soon followed suit by announcing they would explore extending their States’ sovereignty. In the light of these developments and increased mobility and economic potential within the Arctic resulting from global warming, fears of a scramble for the Arctic with escalating territorial disputes grew not only in the media but also in sections of academia.

DanMUN’s Conference 2017 was dedicated to the ongoing conflict over the Arctic. The conference started off with with two guest speakers Torleif Jonasson, Secretary General of the UNA and Anne Poulsen, Director of UN World Food Programme!

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Delegates became representatives of United Nations Security Council (UNSC) acting as state diplomats and representatives for an assigned country. DanMUN 2017 included participating in lectures during the week, which helped to strengthen knowledge of the Arctic Conflict, and the formal positions of countries involved in the issue. A variety of social arrangements that helped to mold alliances, and conduct backdoor diplomacy were also included.

Thank you!

The DanMUN team would like to thank first of all to all the speakers: Torleif Jonasson, Anne Poulsen, Flemming Splidsboel Hansen, Jon Rahbek Clemmensen, Kristian Søby Kristensen for their great speeches and expertise on the Arctic issue.

Huge thanks and congratulations to all the delegates, who were dedicated to their roles of diplomats and country representatives.

The DanMUN’s aim is to spread knowledge and practices of the UN to youth and students interested in international relations, climate change and human rights. Our world still needs a lot of enthusiasts to make the world a better place and we at DanMUN definitely want to be part of it. Join us and our vision.

It’s your world, participate!

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Prior to attending the conference, all accepted delegates receive the DanMUN Scenario based on whatever topic being discussed that year. Delegates are expected to read the scenario and to do further research on the subject and their own position, in accordance to the Member State they have been assigned.
During the first three days of the conference, there is an intensely packed program with lectures and panel debates from experts from different fields of the given topic. Furthermore, there are workshops organized in order to learn how to write resolutions, write and give speeches, among others.


During the first three days, mock simulations will take place in order for delegates to get use to the DanMUN Rules and Procedures.
The last three days of the conference are dedicated to the UN Security Council simulation. Unlike other MUNs, in DanMUN each delegation consists of 3 delegates giving space for backdoor negotiations and resolution/amendment writing without interrupting the UN Security Council session.
Last but not least, the Press will be present to conduct formal interviews and report with news of the day.


DanMUN prides itself on it’s social aspect or better known as “DanMUN Spirit”. It is very important for us that the participants leave with more friends and connections they came with. Apart from having lunches and dinner together, there are also social activities are planned almost every evening.
Another aspect of the DanMUN Spirit are the traditions; the tour around the canals of Copenhagen which gives participants the opportunity to talk in an informal manner and see our beautiful capital.
However the biggest night during DanMUN is the DanMUN Gala, where dinner is served, drinks are handed out, speeches are given and music is playing. Also it is here the DanMUN Awards take place!